Our greatest surrender

In the centering of our deepest wound
flows the answer that we seek
whatever the loss or doubt
or longing that pulls
at what we try to conceal
that is pure and real

That which gives us the touch
of peace that we feel
comes through what rises
to life out of the words
we drag through the rain
of our greatest pain

We don’t find the greatest love
in someone else
we find it in a heart bereft
of beauty of the rising sun
in the shower of light
reflected in the tears

The way the moon follows
its rays to our window
and the stars hold a space
that opens into heaven
creating a path to the source
of all love infused in our hearts

We forget we have something
to give that helps us live
when we allow the healing power
to use our emptiness to flow
in an unending stream
wherever it needs to go

We feel the call when
we are most alone
listening to the cries
and groans that sound
so much like our own
remembering moans

We touch the place within
that opens our hearts
to discover the sea
of belovedness drawn
to stream and flow
wherever it needs to go