Sacred path of each seeker

For every heart there is a journey
through whatever obstacles
we find in our way
to discovering the pinnacle
of all other experiences
we will have in our lifetime

Whatever we call it or however
we think of this journey
all the names and stages fall away
as we approach the great Love
and the mysterious Essence
of the Beloved

There is a feeling
of the Sacred
an awareness that we
are in the Presence
of Holiness
when we come near
to the peak of our climb
toward the highest
point of each Life

No matter that we each would
describe it differently
for in each heart it is known
when we encounter
something so real we hardly know
how to speak of it
as we cross deserts
climb mountains
wander in valleys
and we stand beneath
refreshing fountains
and feel the pure rain
that flows into rushing rivers
until we drift
in seas of beauty
and a surrounding love
that is beyond belief
and beyond
our smaller self
to control

We say yes and yes and yes
to the guidance
of a Beloved that whispers
through our heart
as we follow the gentle wind
of the Spirit
nudging with an endearing
and precious
leaving clues
that only we would recognize
to know which way to turn
and how to navigate
an invisible path
that no one else can see

All else pales
beside this adventure
with our dearest Beloved
who holds
the connection
to everything else
that exists

It is not something we prove
or convince another
of its truth
and its creative power
for it is an intimacy between
the human and the divine
infused within us

This is the thrill
that regulates our heart
and creates our days
and nights

This is the peace
that brings tears of Joy
and the blessed
of the Love we seek
whether in this body
or beyond

How does one speak of Love
that cannot be contained
or held in the hands
of a Love that will not fit
into words or rules or laws
or any limits
we contrive

We surrender into a sanctuary
of a dearest Love
like a cloud
a rising mist or
a gentle breeze
filled with the fragrance
of blossoming
gardens along the way
that shoot us
to the moon sprinkling
sparkling dew
upon the stars

Love has its own way
of having its say
in each and every heart
and I pray each and every day
for the gift of grace
to brush your upturned face
with the divine touch
of the Beloved One