this is not a night to sleep

Awestruck and humbled
by revelation

exalted and magnified
through the light
of creation

from the softness
of skin and tenderness
of touch

empowered by the alchemy
and energy
of a divine kiss

tossed by cosmic winds
in quiet bliss

kept awake by whispering
the sound of wings
a longing
to sing

whose eyes look through mine
who guides my pen
and who
sees your beauty

who stays awake
and who is sleeping
who keeps this vigil and
who is weeping

what foolish voice
thinks to give
how to live

a relationship
that is truly alive
is not contrived
or planned

orbs of light
circling like stars
at night
filled with insight

splash and flash
and burst
at will
splattering color
across the sky
of a greater soul

all is in higher hands
and higher mind
than mine
my dear ones

my heart is an open door
thank heavens