beauty of a flowing stream

When beauty creates a surprise
capturing our sighs
opening eyes
to endless skies
of vision
a portal opens
deep inside
spreading elation
becoming a sudden invitation
luring beauty
to glide a while
upon the sea of the soul

We awaken to a beauty
flowing everywhere
longing to share
the light of caring
to answer our muffled cries
in the night
praying for the Oneness
of Love
to open the gaze
that will call us home
to the blazing fire
of the hearth
that welcomes us all
every one
touched by the rays
of the sun

The flowing stream
has a surprise
as it gathers power
and tumbles over a cliff
into the sea
pouring us out
like the wine
of ecstasy
singing of tender arms
that cradle us
next to the beauty
an open Heart