Journey into freedom

Before an expectant dawn
before the morning moment
when the light
breaks through the darkness
to reveal
the flowing beauty
of a truly open heart

we enter into
the pregnant silence
to gaze through love’s eyes
at the rushing wave
of liberation
in the gift
of this new image
of flowing freedom
bringing presence
and vision
to honor the collective soul

This is the reverence
of Love
in the deep colors
of the wine
of the open heart

One taste of the enchanting fruit
one glimpse
of the blushing flow
brings a glow
of light and Joy
breathing in the promise
of new life

When we find the spring
of intimacy
and tenderness
within us
and are no longer afraid
to express the beauty
hidden there
we loosen the chains
that imprison
and bind our wholeness
setting us all free
to create
and share