Mystical beauty of Grace

Perhaps the secret longing
hidden deep inside
is to know that someone
feels it with me
someone who sees the beauty…
and the Love…
the vision
and the sound of inner music
and feels the touch
that is far deeper than
the outer senses
could ever be

…someone who
knows the within
of the deepest
trembling and sweet

We may not envision
the blossoming inside
yet we feel the sweep
of the velvet petals
of the beauty
of another Presence
within our being

We may not gaze directly
at the ecstatic stars
which are sometimes
drunk and wild inside us
but we feel the dance
of holy desire

How do I describe what it means
To feel the energy
of another who comes
in the solitude
of the soul
what it means to be filled
with living colors
and swirling light
…to feel the bursting stream
of a deeper dream released
into the womb
of a silent sanctuary
harboring the mystical secrets
of beauty

to give birth to something
so new
that it has no name
but leaves a trail
of Love’s own scent
upon the breeze
contained in
the sensual breath that slipped
between my lips
and sent my life soaring
on invisible threads
of a silken caress

Inscribe your journey
in streaming words
and images
in the wilderness
of my heart
and throw the pen
and brush aside
feeling the way with
loving hands
and with the gaze
of the eyes of the soul

Tear the veils away
that hide the embers of the fire
and flames of beauty

I am unleashed….unbound
and free to move unseen
and unknown
in the grace
of belovedness