Remembering the River

We have glimpsed the secret beauty
hidden in the colors
and the light
the sunrise and the sunsets
the dancing light upon the waves
creating rivers
on the ceiling
of our remembering
the enchanting silhouettes
of the wilderness
of the trees in the rivering twilight
the fires glow
warming us at night
a vision
and grace of love

..and it all becomes a part of us
more awake to beauty than we were
before we came to know
the river
as a friend

It is a golden heritage
that gifts
the moments of our lives
with a remembrance
of beauty
that is ever alive
in our hearts
as we each share in our
own way

Blessings on your day
and every day you continue
to live and create
and share
what you are blessed
to dream

The embers glow
waiting for the breeze
that fans them
into flames
of laughter and delight
in the Joy
we discovered along the winding
river of our lives