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Make me a channel of your peace

October 31, 2011


The sky
full of angels
the earth
touched by saints
the air
permeated with yearning
the hills
exulting joyfully…
mystery of tears
San Damiano
enlightened by chants
the woods
hallowed by silence
the monks
blessed by the spirit…
The houses
filled with hope
among the alleys
a sigh of sweetness

you are an ocean of joy
you are an ocean of peace
with Saint Francis and Saint Clare
with all the brothers and sisters
who constantly pray

Saint Francis
so admired by the people
Saint Francis
you are an example for the believers

ancient, beloved city
there is no other place
that compares
with your beauty and with your love

poem written by Ingrid Henzler (c)
photograph taken by Ingrid Henzler (c)

Pilgrimage of Love in Assisi

October 29, 2011

Assisi and the Godseekers – Ingrid Henzler
Ingrid is blessed to live in Assisi….and has filled it with her love!

There are three videos of her visits to the hermitage of St.Francis
Beautiful pilgrimage of love
Wonderful experience to share it through her eyes and heart.

Love restores my soul

October 27, 2011

There are perfect moments
when my heart feels
so aligned with love
and sweetness
truly does
restore my soul

I dwell in the softness
of silence
bathed in the mystic blue
light of the moon
and I feel
so at one with you

Divine breath still
lingers here
and night comes easy
knowing you
are so near

Into the whirlwind

October 25, 2011

When a blank page appears before me
or a dark night opens
into an empty chasm
waiting to be filled
I look around
to watch and observe
what or who will fill it

the silence
sits by
and waits
the emptiness
for some entry
into this life…

I open the portals
of my heart and soul
to see
how love would
guide me

what is it wanting
to be created
in this silence

who is reaching
for a voice
to share some treasured

A chorus of love pierces
the sky
whispers rustle the leaves
in the trees
talking green

The waves stir and rise
and the tide
rushes in to touch the shores
linking heaven and earth

Divine laughter
breaks through the silence
from all who would speak at once
and a whirlwind tosses
our secrets into
what we thought we knew
so we can begin again

Behold! The Beloved Comes!

October 23, 2011

Long ago…I was emptied of words
to describe the Beloved
…..and it was only then
the Voice of Love
began to speak
for my pulsing heart
the throbbing ache of longing
becoming a drum beat
creating beauty
arising from my quiet soul
brought to life
by the One who comes
earth and sky
touching you and I
as we become
a holy breath dancing
ever so lightly
on a sweet and gentle breeze
like delicate butterfly wings
looking for the blossom
that has spread out its beauty
on dewy petals
to catch the light
and sip the sweetly falling tears
of the wine of love
that come at dawn

Love fills the sky with glory
preparing the way
for the approaching

Stars are born and planets
and gardens bloom
with the scent of musk
and night blooming jasmine
fills the air
causing us to sigh
and surrender
to behold
the coming
of our dearest Love

The deep silence before dawn

October 21, 2011

There is a pregnant pause
Love shows its face
of Light
as a turning earth
the treasures hidden
in the darkness
of the night
expressed in ways
only known
in the mysteries
the heart

The delicate balance
of intimacy
suspended by threads
so fragile
only divine breath
with the dew
of faith
and longing
can create the tensile nest
to hold those
who are enfolded
in the colored veils
that separate us
from the spirit
of divine belonging

The secrets are not ours
to give
no matter how
seductively we try
to steal
the lightning
deep within the gaze
of the sacred
watch of the Beloved

Only innocence
and essence
open the portals
that divide us
from the enchanting glow

Centuries of pretenders
vying for the throne
hurling spears
at empty air
have tried and died
for a crown
too heavy
for any human to wear

The crowning of the monarch
who emanates
the essence of divine fire
takes place
at dawn
in the shimmering rays
of the rising sun
and only the Beloved
can bestow
this grace

The star of liberty
stands silently in the harbor
in remembrance
and the angel
of freedom
holds our earth above
the fray

Divine justice of Love
is far and away
the impossible dream
and Love
is the only true path
of revelation
the Beloved
the only freedom

Hymn of Hope

If I could…

October 20, 2011

If I could…
I would create a sun
to warm your days
a moon to bring a glowing light
to your nights
stars to reveal
the twinkling in my eyes
when I gaze at you with love

If I could…
I would create rivers
to remind you to flow with me
to the vast ocean of our oneness

If I could…
I would cover the earth in glory
color… form…and fragrance
that would cause you
to cry out in delight

If I could…
I would keep a vigil
as your rest in my arms
and I would enrich your dreams
with the love pouring like wine
from my heart

If I could…
I would cherish you
and draw you into
a communal belonging
of kind and loving friends
who long
for your well being
as they do for their own

Yet…what I can do
is rejoice
that our beloved creator
has already done
all this
for each and every one of us
and I am deeply grateful
for the chance
to be here with you
in this enchanting dance
of sharing life

shores of light

October 20, 2011

Morning blesses you,
smiles on you
with grace and light
transforming the darkness
as your generous heart
shares the visions
that you are given
loosening the webs we spin
around our lives

I have been reeling
with the freedom of feeling
launched into beauty
as the gentle waves
dissolve the sands
of infinite
and unexplored

The blinding light
has flooded my sight to see
the pleasures of
a new dawn
that aligns my heart
with shouts of joy
for love so sweet
it shares
a resounding
silence of peace
settling in my soul

A special anointing

October 14, 2011

The wine of words may enrich our sight
like wings can give us flight
or open up a hidden dream
to rearrange the world
unfurled by gentle hands
lifting a concealing veil
revealing beauty
that turns the darkness of the night
into the light
of heaven

by rolling back the years
rearranging left and right
turning outside in and inside out
sending an arrow flying
straight into the heart
splitting open the sky
of the soul
where women cry and angels sigh
and men fall to their knees

Suddenly….without warning
the beloved appears
amidst the tears
and tips the moon
pouring us a new wine
of light
opening our eyes
with the gift of sight
to see

a glorious revelation…
a new creation
anointing us with wine
so divine
we are launched
into the silence
of the stars
that light our way
to a love so sweet
that all of life
is swept into the breeze
of a single breath
that flows
an eternal moment

Blessed to share this vision…

A special anointing ………pouring wine from the moon
aligning my heart with love

Art by Rassouli

So many ways to reach the moon

October 14, 2011

So many ways
to reach the moon
to touch and be touched
by the light
that slides to earth
and spreads a silvery path
beneath our window
in the night

A holy glow
in the silence
the mystical union
beyond the moon