Journey inward into the mystery
of your soul and discover
the sanctuary of beauty
opening its visions
to your longing heart

Love travels a breath
like a breeze
through your lips
and leaves
a whispering song
to be sung

A rising prayer comforts you
like gentle hands
cradling you in softness
a caressing
a merciful answer
to your plea

Awaken to the great
friend inside
of you
waiting for your
of the Source of Love
from which
you came

The spring of Love
flows without

The treasures
are hidden
in your heart

All beauty is for everyone
and the feast
is for you as surely
as the sun
shares its rays
to light our way

The Beloved brings you
the wine of Love
in divine hands

Drink from those hands
and remember
the Love from which
you came

This is the garden
you feel
you have lost
and it is blossoming
within your soul