Trembling to bear the beauty

The darkness is thick
with beauty
the heart is throbbing
with crimson passion
for life
the mind kneels
at the altar of mystery
and the seasons
of the earth
all merge and melt
into the springtime
of my soul

is leaping beyond
the sedate
that community allows

I am weary of tight reins
holding the wildness
from running free
to protect
the sleeping ones
so afraid
of awakening

Bound in the chains that hold
others captive
will breaking through
the gate
in a reckless run
for freedom
flood the confining
of those who willingly

Does loving mean we
bind ourselves
to the comfort zone
of those we love
or does our
run for open air
and open skies
remain unseen by those
who hide their eyes
behind blinders

Does freedom of one
cause pain
to another
or do those who are free
feel the pain
of those who remain

The wild mustang rears
its head
and calls out
to the scent and sound
of thundering hooves
of a distant herd
racing with the wind

The mystic weeps
in the arms of a loving spirit
whose roaming energy fills
the darkness
looking for a friend

Lunch is too civilized
for lovers
and rules are a cold shower
to running bareback
along the ridge
of mountains
racing the setting sun
to feel the beauty
of twilight

I throw off convention
like a harness and saddle
and paw the earth
and snort and whinny
to run free
to the beloved
who I can hear laughing
behind the moon

I grow feathers and wings
scorched and smoldering
in my outer life
while ruins hide the song
I want to sing

Does my joy
frustrate the one
who chooses
to live in sadness?
and ruins hide the song
that longs to fly

What strange
we make
to protect
the anxious ones!

Isn’t loving you enough

do you demand
my death
to live in ignorance
just a little
choosing to believe
you control
a single thing
upon this changing earth

My soul is pushing
and nudging me
out of the nest of peace
of a timeless sea
and I run
to thee
to sing
the beauty of being alive