A special anointing

The wine of words may enrich our sight
like wings can give us flight
or open up a hidden dream
to rearrange the world
unfurled by gentle hands
lifting a concealing veil
revealing beauty
that turns the darkness of the night
into the light
of heaven

by rolling back the years
rearranging left and right
turning outside in and inside out
sending an arrow flying
straight into the heart
splitting open the sky
of the soul
where women cry and angels sigh
and men fall to their knees

Suddenly….without warning
the beloved appears
amidst the tears
and tips the moon
pouring us a new wine
of light
opening our eyes
with the gift of sight
to see

a glorious revelation…
a new creation
anointing us with wine
so divine
we are launched
into the silence
of the stars
that light our way
to a love so sweet
that all of life
is swept into the breeze
of a single breath
that flows
an eternal moment

Blessed to share this vision…

A special anointing ………pouring wine from the moon
aligning my heart with love

Art by Rassouli