If I could…

If I could…
I would create a sun
to warm your days
a moon to bring a glowing light
to your nights
stars to reveal
the twinkling in my eyes
when I gaze at you with love

If I could…
I would create rivers
to remind you to flow with me
to the vast ocean of our oneness

If I could…
I would cover the earth in glory
color… form…and fragrance
that would cause you
to cry out in delight

If I could…
I would keep a vigil
as your rest in my arms
and I would enrich your dreams
with the love pouring like wine
from my heart

If I could…
I would cherish you
and draw you into
a communal belonging
of kind and loving friends
who long
for your well being
as they do for their own

Yet…what I can do
is rejoice
that our beloved creator
has already done
all this
for each and every one of us
and I am deeply grateful
for the chance
to be here with you
in this enchanting dance
of sharing life