The deep silence before dawn

There is a pregnant pause
Love shows its face
of Light
as a turning earth
the treasures hidden
in the darkness
of the night
expressed in ways
only known
in the mysteries
the heart

The delicate balance
of intimacy
suspended by threads
so fragile
only divine breath
with the dew
of faith
and longing
can create the tensile nest
to hold those
who are enfolded
in the colored veils
that separate us
from the spirit
of divine belonging

The secrets are not ours
to give
no matter how
seductively we try
to steal
the lightning
deep within the gaze
of the sacred
watch of the Beloved

Only innocence
and essence
open the portals
that divide us
from the enchanting glow

Centuries of pretenders
vying for the throne
hurling spears
at empty air
have tried and died
for a crown
too heavy
for any human to wear

The crowning of the monarch
who emanates
the essence of divine fire
takes place
at dawn
in the shimmering rays
of the rising sun
and only the Beloved
can bestow
this grace

The star of liberty
stands silently in the harbor
in remembrance
and the angel
of freedom
holds our earth above
the fray

Divine justice of Love
is far and away
the impossible dream
and Love
is the only true path
of revelation
the Beloved
the only freedom

Hymn of Hope