Behold! The Beloved Comes!

Long ago…I was emptied of words
to describe the Beloved
…..and it was only then
the Voice of Love
began to speak
for my pulsing heart
the throbbing ache of longing
becoming a drum beat
creating beauty
arising from my quiet soul
brought to life
by the One who comes
earth and sky
touching you and I
as we become
a holy breath dancing
ever so lightly
on a sweet and gentle breeze
like delicate butterfly wings
looking for the blossom
that has spread out its beauty
on dewy petals
to catch the light
and sip the sweetly falling tears
of the wine of love
that come at dawn

Love fills the sky with glory
preparing the way
for the approaching

Stars are born and planets
and gardens bloom
with the scent of musk
and night blooming jasmine
fills the air
causing us to sigh
and surrender
to behold
the coming
of our dearest Love