Into the whirlwind

When a blank page appears before me
or a dark night opens
into an empty chasm
waiting to be filled
I look around
to watch and observe
what or who will fill it

the silence
sits by
and waits
the emptiness
for some entry
into this life…

I open the portals
of my heart and soul
to see
how love would
guide me

what is it wanting
to be created
in this silence

who is reaching
for a voice
to share some treasured

A chorus of love pierces
the sky
whispers rustle the leaves
in the trees
talking green

The waves stir and rise
and the tide
rushes in to touch the shores
linking heaven and earth

Divine laughter
breaks through the silence
from all who would speak at once
and a whirlwind tosses
our secrets into
what we thought we knew
so we can begin again