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The ceaseless flow of the eternal….

November 30, 2011

In exquisite silence in the night….when creation stirs and shifts ……when gaze beholds the light arising from within…..spreading beams from infinite source ……when the indwelling presence emanates a divine tenderness that summons love to respond enlarging and expanding perception….intuition…….insight………imagination that touches the invisible….and bridges the distance between all life forms………horizon of light…….enlivening and inviting new worlds… life …… new possibilities. …..all. embracing love…….

I find my self writing in a flow that is energy available to all………forever new……..touching all humanity…bringing us into a oneness that dissolves our names….our worldly identities….and surrounds us with belovedness….the kiss of forever….

My pen falls to the floor……….energy writes and paints the dawn…….dances in the twilight……brings light to the nights……moves out before us to guide us into something new every moment…..we are so blessed…..let go and surrender into the thrill of a life of freedom….divinely given………generously created…….

the pictures and images change like a kaleidoscope…..tumbling and swirling……..rising and falling….expanding and multiplying……flashing like lightning……spreading into peace…..and suddenly surprising hearts and souls with a new wave of wonder……….

Magnificence of the Mystery

November 22, 2011

Greeting you in the mystery
which I yield to more every day
trusting the benevolence
and beauty of the Source
of all life

We flow in the movement
in the cycles of life
spiraling and unveiling
the precious light
in every being

We are loved beyond
our comprehension
and if we turn away
from fear
or inability to receive
the wondrous grace
of this gift of life
the light will continue
to greet you
at every turn

Surrender to the guiding light
of the dawn awakening us
and revealing
the glory that is ours
in countless ways

We are blessed
and no one
has the right
to deny
your sacred being
…especially you

Listen to the silent
to your heart
and flow in the currents
of the river
of light
into the welcoming
sea of love

Song of Spirit

November 20, 2011

Awareness of Presence sinks
ever more deeply
in ways beyond description
muting my spoken words
but creating an interior song
that flows within
as a deeper current
that moves
my very life
powerful manifestation
out of which mystery
has its way
in the eternal flow
but profoundly perceived
an impression
just beyond the known
interior light
that knows no day or night
a pulsing glow
empowering a freedom of spirit
and lightness of being
so divinely given
silently felt
wanting no name
except the soundless
and embedded song of silence

Conversation with the Heart

November 19, 2011

Conversation with the Heart
(Naomi Stone with Manoj Juneja)


World of Heart ….. by Manoj Juneja

Heart to Heart response….. by Naomi Stone


My pen works not with my mind, for

it breaks the nib and spreads the ink

it swears the world ~ hesitates not

to scribble and strike off all written

to crumple and fill the bin


the thinking mind blocks the flow

the heart beats out a throbbing rhythm

that stirs the blood to glow


the wandering mind ~ nibbling mouse

silent pen in still silence ~ placid state


everything yields

to this sacred sign of life

suspended in a fertile breath


so serenely it lays dormant

knowing well, a thought above the mind

would rise to raise it in ardent hands

to flow the ink in patterned harmony

an imprinting life on heart ~ blank white


a writer’s life sometimes hangs

in the balance

of an enchanting dance


creating dews of arch with rainbow thoughts

a gateway to glorious wondrous wonderland


the garden is drenched with colored tears

falling beneath the gaze of the beloved’s brow


to touch the hearts in sweats of tears

evaporating life of pain ~ joy ~ from saline lake

crystals shine on earth of warmth and love

which sipped away it all in dreamy wave

yes ~ light of life the sound of joy of wonderland


musical cries and sensuous sighs

awaken the sleeping colors trapped inside


a child~play was on its way hopping in glory

on green grass with daisy, poppy, heather,gladiolus


a little child will lead us…to remembrance

of the carefree moments of fireflies

and seeking answers from forget me nots


to follow the fickle flight ~ butterfly

with caterpillar feed leaf in matchbox

with twig taller than self to scare crows

bread crumbs to feed cat fish in wells

the swaying eagles , imaging clouds ~ lying sight


learning more from nature’s store

than schoolroom chatter that didn’t matter


opens gateways to sky stairs ~ rising sunrays

youth played sliding on moon beams dreams


heaven’s playground opened wide

as we slid inside without a sound


never grew ~ for heart pristine

only knew language love

age no bar ~ smile so precious

in tears and joy it worked miracles

creating a world of heart …….


the veil was lifted

as a deep joy filled the senses

and heart touched heart in innocence


~~~Part of ‘Flow’ through Manoj Juneja~~~

The Beloved waits for you

November 17, 2011

I run to the fields to find room
for the empowering love
flowing through me

I soar to the ends of the earth
to fill the blackness of space
with the light of belovedness

I write endlessly to pour out
the wine of love that fills
my heart and soul

I have been created
to love an infinite God
a Mystery with a million names

I cry out to the Source
of All that is in the greatness
of what is truly my Beloved

Each of us finds our way
to the ultimate beauty hidden
within our hearts

All paths lead us
to a centering existence
in a swirling belovedness

God will forever be unknown
no matter how we try to explain
the nature of divinity

We share our deepest longings
and our private yearning
to the hidden One

Spirit rushes in to answer
filling us with energy
and essence of divine love

How do you call
and cry out to the One
beyond all we know

Every longing is felt
and heard and known
by the One from whom we come

Go into the empty room
in utter silence
and listen

Feel your heart pounding
and beating faster
remembering your fears

Have faith to enter
the cloud of unknowing
and find your true home

Image by Rassouli
Two Infinities

Creating a path

November 15, 2011

We are swirling
in something
so beyond us
the words wing their way
on their own
the paint flows
in rivers of colors
to meet and mingle
knowing the way
by some deep
intuition within
own intensity

The wound of love
carves the emptiness
to be filled
again and again
and again
the destruction
that enters
into creation
as an ecstatic surrendering
divine conception
a flowing birth
ascension into the mist
of sweetly
disappearing ethers

only to be set
ever so gently
back on the earth
to create infinite paths
for spirit seeking souls
rays of light
to the Beloved
the infinite mystery
of beauty
and divine love

heart to heart
light to light
soul to soul
spirit to spirit
the flow continues

__artistic vision by Rassouli____________________________

The Revelation of Freedom

November 14, 2011

Who would create us
lay the universe
at our feet
and then set us free

who laughingly
delights in
our differences

treasures our uniqueness
our spontaneous
pleased with our

who loves us even
when we stumble
and fall
picks us up
and sends us
on our way to play

who sometimes bears
our wrongs
and still longs
for us to find a life
that we love

hundreds of faces
and flowers
infinite choices
and who rejoices when
we choose joy

is it possible
we are here to create
a life
not just to follow

here are your wings
dear one
what would you lose
if you dare
to choose
to be free

this is the divine light
and revelation
of the spirit of the beloved
who dwells within
the precious kingdom
of our soul

Relationship is Sacred

November 12, 2011

We have connections
and we have encounters
opinions and beliefs
thoughts and longings
yearnings and desires
wants and needs
each touching and nudging
all demanding attention
sometimes stealing our sleep
vying for control

Sometimes we listen
or ignore or turn away
we try to discern
and respond
to answer the noisy
in our minds

yet it continues
and we hear alerts
as bells buzz
telephones ring
voices chattering
doubts surfacing
fears rising
good intentions drowning
and we seek a solution
to stop the noise

Who or what do we trust
how do we find peace
with whom do we have
a true
how can we know the way
where do we turn

Who prompts the sun to shower
us with light and warmth
gives the rain
knowing the flower’s thirst
who moves the winds
and makes the snow to fall
who gives the birds wings to fly
and grants us life
here on earth
and welcomes us beyond
this life we know

Guidance comes as we step
into the answer
with faith
that we will be met
with love
as we arise to meet the day

we are welcomed
into the innocence
of a new

a relationship is sacred
and mutual
open to growth
and the chance to create
an alliance
that seeks the hope
and freedom
of the other
as well as our own

The spirit of love
is flowing
and free to all
sending out its rays
as generously
as the creator
gives us the sun

Summon your faith
and trust
that you will be given
what you need
to step
into your destiny
when it comes

It is the delight
of the Beloved
to love you

Release of Spirit

November 10, 2011

awakened in a timeless
outer darkness
guided by a light within
my heart could feel
the rushing winds
of creation…
moving through the garden
of the world…
where vision
the veil of mystic beauty

the garden was caught
in a gaze
of rapt attention…
to behold a swirling spirit
sweeping the skies
of the dust of stars…
to prepare the way
for life itself to appear ..
for the unknown
to emerge
from a sacred womb

the hidden dwelling space …
of divine creative power…
the spirit brushed across
the darkened skies…
to bring a vision of light
into being…
as a blinding flash
concealed the birth of beauty
beyond these words

a deep trembling shook the universe…
as a divine light
revealed a new face
in the sky…
followed by a song of silence
stirring in the soul

Come out into the open air of love

November 10, 2011

The greatest friend we will ever know
waits just beyond the horizon
of our limitations
a beauty we cannot fathom
until we slip through
the opening
from our smallest self
to the divine
hidden within
the nature of love
to transcend
whatever confines us

Our vision is clarified
by the sacred alchemy
of love
that rescues us
from the confusion
of illusion
refusing to look beyond
the walls
we construct
around our little world

When light enters our world
and we taste the mystery
of possibility
seeing through the divine gaze
of a new dawn
a morning filled
with hope
open arms that hold us
next to the heart
that welcomes vision
and joy
and new life

A soul is born
and we open our hearts
and souls and minds
to divine love
that transcends all
that would keep us small

Of all the choices
in this brief passage in the world
choose the light of love
for it will guide you
without fail into the glory
and mystical wonder
of the Beloved