How will love come to me tonight?

When Love stirs within
the sweet fragrance of beauty
surrounds me

I grow silent very quickly
watching and listening
with an open heart

wondering if love
will come
as a caressing rain

as an insight of light
a shining beacon or a sudden
flashing in the night

a face filled with grace
spreading music
with only a glance

a hand reaching
for mine
wanting to dance

will love come as a call
to go to follow or flow
where I have never been before

bringing a vision of beauty
leaving me gasping for breath
and drenched in tears

my lips tingling
from hidden kisses
and every cell aglow with light

will love pull the petals
from my flowery dreams
tenderly awakening my soul

opening my eyes
alive with surprise
morning fresh and forever new

will love hoist the sails on the moon
which never fails to bring
the perfect breeze

love gives me endless songs to sing
invisible wings and golden rings
love is my everything