Song of Love by Hafiz

In the night…I hear him singing
through hearts
however it comes to me
I share it lovingly
because it is for you
for us

His love echoes
through the centuries
through timelessness
as he cries out to the One
who ravishes hearts
and we cry out with him
in the beauty of his songs
of love

The heart says…

O You, who are dearer than my eyes,
don’t move away from me!
You are sweet solace to my soul,
for you alone bring peace and calm
to all the cries of my heart,
even the arms of lovers
have too short a reach
to grasp the hem
of the robe of the Beloved!
The desire for union
is too often shredded
by impatience.
Pay no attention to the hurried mind,
for in ravishing hearts,
none can compare to you!
Let no one forbid you
this great love….
~ Hafiz ~

When the beloved answers…

Enticingly, my love dissolves
beneath her golden robe.
Hundreds of envious beauties
tear their silken garments.

From the glow of the fire of wine,
her skin is moist like
the drops of dew that glisten
on the petals of the rose.

Her voice is soft as a whisper.
Her body is poised and eager.
Her face is open and tender
as a newly blossoming flower.
~ Hafiz ~

This is the sacred hour
when all is embraced in silence…