Visions hidden by the veil

When the light rays pierce
the outer dark
and flood the chalice
of our lives
with spreading beams
of beauty
we gaze in wonder
and awe
at visions
revealed to hearts
and souls
that bewilder the mind
and senses
and in our exalted state
we slip through
a secret opening
into a secret garden

the veil is rent
and all barriers dissolve
melted by a love
so vast in its beauty
we have no way
to speak in words
in the presence of such light

we venture where angels
fear to tread
where treasures lie hidden
beneath the dust
and light flows unceasingly
from the jewels of love
and incorruptible
hidden for a moment
of revelation
we cannot comprehend

Oh trust the coming of the beloved
unknown and without name
a monarch of light and love
creating infinite
ways to awaken
and sweep
us into sacred arms
of presence
a divine existence
and enduring
and gloriously eternal