O Light of My Life

To know the night holds you
so lightly
how can I stay asleep
for long
when I feel your presence
a living pulsing silence
my own
spirits flowing
raising awareness
of your intimate reach

tasting the essence
of the wine
of your love
communion given
through the open hand
of your sky

through divine light
I receive through
my eyes
feeling you
filling the chalice
of my heart
spreading my soul
quieting my mind
as we vanish into
an embracing beauty
a sacred encounter
that is
forever new

Love so infinite
you contain the world
the universe
and the waiting emptiness
longing to receive your touch
manifesting visions
to delight and surprise us

You circle and spiral
and flow as if to dance
as we swirl
in awe
and thrilled
with love so great
we fall into an ocean
of silence

These tiny particles glow
with your light
shining and sharing
your rays through
an inner dawn

You prepare our hearts
to receive you
ever expanding as
you make us your own

O love of my life
you create in me
songs of possibility
of generosity
whispering intimacy
in all that I see
and feel
and in all that I am

a secret dawning
of belovedness
an opening
to eternal love


artistic image by rassouli