Sweet surrender

Sweet Surrender

Love pursues us
seeking our heart
through hidden songs and dreams
quiet corners
noisy streets and silent souls
soft cries of children
flowing rivers leaving
kissing sounds
along the shore
on moonlit nights
in rays of light
from the rising sun at dawn
in a secret smile
all the while
carrying the fragrance
of meadows
and the sounds of spring

Nowhere can we look
without seeing beauty
where we walk
scattered in profusion
beneath our feet
trees bending low
as we pass by
a sheltering sky
a generous love so sweet
we leave a trail of grateful tears

Love creates a world
made to delight our eyes
to soothe our cries
and meet our longing sighs
with tenderness
and sweet surprise

O beloved giver of all life
enduring presence
embracing rest
in clouds of white
a spirit transparent and true
the radiance of you
bringing the glow
of peace
to my grateful soul