Come out into the open air of love

The greatest friend we will ever know
waits just beyond the horizon
of our limitations
a beauty we cannot fathom
until we slip through
the opening
from our smallest self
to the divine
hidden within
the nature of love
to transcend
whatever confines us

Our vision is clarified
by the sacred alchemy
of love
that rescues us
from the confusion
of illusion
refusing to look beyond
the walls
we construct
around our little world

When light enters our world
and we taste the mystery
of possibility
seeing through the divine gaze
of a new dawn
a morning filled
with hope
open arms that hold us
next to the heart
that welcomes vision
and joy
and new life

A soul is born
and we open our hearts
and souls and minds
to divine love
that transcends all
that would keep us small

Of all the choices
in this brief passage in the world
choose the light of love
for it will guide you
without fail into the glory
and mystical wonder
of the Beloved