Release of Spirit

awakened in a timeless
outer darkness
guided by a light within
my heart could feel
the rushing winds
of creation…
moving through the garden
of the world…
where vision
the veil of mystic beauty

the garden was caught
in a gaze
of rapt attention…
to behold a swirling spirit
sweeping the skies
of the dust of stars…
to prepare the way
for life itself to appear ..
for the unknown
to emerge
from a sacred womb

the hidden dwelling space …
of divine creative power…
the spirit brushed across
the darkened skies…
to bring a vision of light
into being…
as a blinding flash
concealed the birth of beauty
beyond these words

a deep trembling shook the universe…
as a divine light
revealed a new face
in the sky…
followed by a song of silence
stirring in the soul