Relationship is Sacred

We have connections
and we have encounters
opinions and beliefs
thoughts and longings
yearnings and desires
wants and needs
each touching and nudging
all demanding attention
sometimes stealing our sleep
vying for control

Sometimes we listen
or ignore or turn away
we try to discern
and respond
to answer the noisy
in our minds

yet it continues
and we hear alerts
as bells buzz
telephones ring
voices chattering
doubts surfacing
fears rising
good intentions drowning
and we seek a solution
to stop the noise

Who or what do we trust
how do we find peace
with whom do we have
a true
how can we know the way
where do we turn

Who prompts the sun to shower
us with light and warmth
gives the rain
knowing the flower’s thirst
who moves the winds
and makes the snow to fall
who gives the birds wings to fly
and grants us life
here on earth
and welcomes us beyond
this life we know

Guidance comes as we step
into the answer
with faith
that we will be met
with love
as we arise to meet the day

we are welcomed
into the innocence
of a new

a relationship is sacred
and mutual
open to growth
and the chance to create
an alliance
that seeks the hope
and freedom
of the other
as well as our own

The spirit of love
is flowing
and free to all
sending out its rays
as generously
as the creator
gives us the sun

Summon your faith
and trust
that you will be given
what you need
to step
into your destiny
when it comes

It is the delight
of the Beloved
to love you