The Beloved waits for you

I run to the fields to find room
for the empowering love
flowing through me

I soar to the ends of the earth
to fill the blackness of space
with the light of belovedness

I write endlessly to pour out
the wine of love that fills
my heart and soul

I have been created
to love an infinite God
a Mystery with a million names

I cry out to the Source
of All that is in the greatness
of what is truly my Beloved

Each of us finds our way
to the ultimate beauty hidden
within our hearts

All paths lead us
to a centering existence
in a swirling belovedness

God will forever be unknown
no matter how we try to explain
the nature of divinity

We share our deepest longings
and our private yearning
to the hidden One

Spirit rushes in to answer
filling us with energy
and essence of divine love

How do you call
and cry out to the One
beyond all we know

Every longing is felt
and heard and known
by the One from whom we come

Go into the empty room
in utter silence
and listen

Feel your heart pounding
and beating faster
remembering your fears

Have faith to enter
the cloud of unknowing
and find your true home

Image by Rassouli
Two Infinities

2 Responses to “The Beloved waits for you”

  1. Jennifer J Gooding (@celticpaisley) Says:

    I would really like to repost your blog entries. Would you be willing to add the option so you get the full credit you deserve?

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      If you would like to repost an entry, feel free…..they were given by the Beloved….so I share them. Each hears the music that speaks to the heart….and we are blessed to discover our path in the open fields of Light….they come through grace to my soul.
      Blessings to you, Jennifer.

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