To each is given a sacred space

There are some who want to control
the private joy
we hold in our hearts
…something wants to prove us wrong
and expose us as fools
living a delusion
poking and prodding and ridiculing
the dream that sustains our life
the breath that breathes our sighs
the sweet joy that awakens us
in the night
to celebrate and sing
to create and find ecstasy
in the company of love

When we are children
we are allowed
to have imaginary playmates
for a little while
until someone stern
reminds us to be
mind-numbingly generic copies
of someone’s idea
of normal

Don’t upset anyone
Don’t fall in love with the sun
Don’t tell the truth
to the wrong people
Don’t speak of the angels
that whisper and sing you angel songs
in the night
This just isn’t done
You are done with having fun

Don’t cure yourself with happiness
Take your pills
Make the doctors feel they know
what they are doing
So many rules….
Too many schools

Don’t run in the fields
Sit and walk and talk like a lady
Wear the right things
Don’t have flings with someone
who doesn’t talk like you
look like you
or God forbid doesn’t believe
what we believe
Don’t defy your elders
They have lived longer than you

What is left to do
besides die
of lack of fresh air
and laughter

Never mind those who have
degrees in nothing
because they don’t know anything
those who think they know
how you should live
….like them
so we can all agree
we are right
and wise
and only the rest are wrong…

Oh my beloved heart
my sweet soul
and the light in the night
you who gives me wings
and sings
for no reason
because my joy slips out
and escapes
the prisons we create
and appears
as beauty in the open air
and surrounds me with beauty
and kindness
and consolation
for remembering love

Hidden in stardust and moonbeams
in the freshness of morning air
in the moist
rich black earth
…in dancing fire
and cool clear flowing water
are treasures
free for thee
from the beloved
who gave you paradise
to bless your eyes
and surprise
you with delight beyond
your dreaming

A sun rises and shines
to caress you with warmth
and writes love letters in light
across the sky
sweet nothings
that are everything
simply to make you smile

Thousands of imitations
but truth is a fine madness
a craziness that is a fool’s delight
a vast and amazing creation
is spread out across
this glorious expanding space
hiding a laughing face

Find your place where you can breathe
and run to its gift of grace

Put on your Mona Lisa smile
who wears her secret
like a lady
but has reasons to smile
we know not of….

Keep your mystery and delight
and rejoice
in your sacred
and holy space where sugar is spun
and milk and honey
is having fun

Each is free
to create their Joy
or sadness
or wear their grief
like a saint
to paint their life
with the colors they choose

Oh treasure the awakening
that lets you cry for the ripples
of the light playing
on the river
the light beams that curl
and slip in your windows to caress
you at dawn
or the moonlight that reminds you
there is more to come

There is more to this wonderful life
than we could possibly know
and waits to greet us
and meet us
in those secret spaces
of our becoming

Divine lovers beckon
and love to dance
into the next song
whirling us
around the floor
of the glorious ballroom
of a surrendered mind
turning somersaults
in the wind
resting in the petals
of roses
and arising from strong
and musky arms of mist
as gentle as the morning breeze
until we are new and true
and awaken with a whisper
…I love you….I love you…I love you
spilling from our lips
those who know something divine
of the rich sweet wine
of love

Heaven is in a sacred space
that is ours alone
let no one take it from you
it is a gift
from the beloved
who created you
and is guiding you
to create a new surprise
in every moment
if you listen

We are blessed with the dearest
sweetest beloved hidden
deep inside
a space where dreams
are real
and we are meant to feel
the wonder

Shhhhh…someone wants to silence
you with a kiss