Love is reaching

Searching eyes opened by love
encounter surprising
light arising
like water vanishing into air
mixing with light
in curling molecules
of rain turned upside down

is this a spirit crown
a divine clown
of great reknown
who plays around
inventing rain

how does it know to fall
and somehow go back home again

to renew and replenish
leaving some to drink
and help us think
to follow a hidden trail

when you place your hand
upon your heart
it touches mine
when i place my hand upon my heart
it touches yours
for all hearts are One
beneath the sun
exchanging breath
by the Source

air is anointed by Love
life-giving jewels of light
divine sight
something so thrilling
so willing
to be filling the empty places
the longing spaces

for once love is given
it can never be taken away
let it flow
and it increases
multiplies and expands
nothing can be withheld
it is not ours to own
we are only known
in the exchange

the more we love
the more we receive
and believe
in abundance

the more we receive
the more we create

divine games of source and supply
and what you do not use
you lose
we are given only
what we need
all the rest is illusion

Love can not be stored
or stockpiled
or possessed
neither can it be owned
or loaned
for it only flows
in freedom

the greatest gifts are the ones
we give away
no copyright will make it ours
Love is the treasure
the true measure
of the open heart

the soul is filled with light
infused by the source
through the sun

a mighty wind
can blow it all away

Live in gratefulness
for every caress

we are blessed beyond
our knowing
glowing souls
infused with radiance

enchanting glances light the fuse
sparking our existence
longing and belonging
to love itself
empowering our every move
turning us toward
the hidden face
that saves our place
in heaven
in the wonderful light- filled
spaces of our souls

oh our hearts remember
when we recognize the eyes
behind our own
seeing what we would fail
to see alone

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