Who are you?

What do we know of each other?
What does the piercing gaze
of love
see within us?

One of the most profound experiences
I have had in my life
was caught in the transition
when night turns into dawn
a moment of awakening
between worlds

I was whispering
to the Spirit
in an interior way
and Jesus appeared before me
and I could feel him
with my thoughts

I fell silent
and absorbed the moment
of presence
and being seen
in a way I had never
known before

He was wearing the crown of thorns
and the thorns
were piercing his skin
and the blood was still wet
forming drops
on his forehead

I asked him if I could touch it
and he nodded
so I reached up
and felt the warm blood
and asked him
if he was in pain

He said
not any more
and kept gazing at me
I dared to ask
if there was a way
I could look through his eyes
to see what he was seeing

He smiled and told me
to step inside his form
and look through his eyes

As I did…I felt a slight
movement of air
turned and looked
out from inside of Jesus

I will never be able
to describe
the beauty of his seeing
what it is to look through
the eyes of love

He had died to seeing as
the human Jesus
and was now seeing as
the Spirit of Christ
through the Spirit
of Divine Light

it was a ray of light
like a beacon
or a searchlight
into the soul
shimmering with insight
and the pure clarity
of dawn

there was nothing
that this divine gaze
did not know
about me
or could not see
within me

Imagine being seen like that
every moment of your life
and to be loved
unconditionally beyond
our weaknesses
and our limitations
and mistakes

Just try to imagine
that kind of love

Oh never wonder
what redeeming love
truly is

or what we can give back
for such redemption

the least we can do
is live the truth
flowing through the heart
and soul
we are given

to draw on the grace
to care and respond
to this amazing life
and to realize what it is
to be created
and so loved

Share the beauty
however you can
ever renewing
and drawing deeply
from the well
of infinite creativity
out of which we came

We are seen as new
in every moment
this is the transforming
alchemy of love

Every moment
is a new beginning
to be seen through the eyes
of perfect love
and to dwell
in the Soul of peace

2 Responses to “Who are you?”

  1. joseph Says:

    Every word, thought, movement, and feeling, was transforming my perceptions into a straight line. Parallel with His will. Moving, inspiring, and yet already known to me in my inner self.

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:


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