Light reaching out to all hearts and souls

Light penetrates and permeates
mingling within your being
circling and spiraling
filling and flooding
you with rays of light

cleansing and purifying
illuminating and opening
every portal

enchanting and inviting
your heart and soul
and surrendered mind
your outer and inner senses
and inner senses

the delicacy of movement
of the light
with a new awareness
as the light empowers you
to share in the gift
of peace and harmony
and the inexplicable
joy of love

You are a sun reigning over
the universe
of your own being
ever arising
to share the light
as it flows through you

Trust the Source
of All Light
to search and know you
and sing sweet
of love
within your heart

Love becomes
the eternal moment
a sky of light
a spring of living water
an ever flowing fountain
of hope
an ocean of grace
and preparing us
to be
with the Beloved

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