A Light no cage can hold

by Manoj Juneja….
The Cage……

bird so vast and free
sighted a cage ~ beautiful…
it sat on a branch and watched
wondered in awe
it got amazed, dazed ~ of creation…

it took flight closer to look …
the cage had inscribed on…
a thought and mind can create me
a wish can adorn me
all you need to do is dream within me…

only death can do us part
for only it will be me who will die
then ~ a part of me will you carry ~ ever
in thoughts you will be in chains of creations
for then in emotions you will play
pains and joy ~ tears and smile

a seesaw of conditions will live in you
thirst, and hunger in every aspect
will be your guide to thunder,lightning
only to destroy me through wrinkling age
for you will not know any more yourself
but only me will you think you are

struggle will be your path with
soothing light and breeze which will get you
a feel of freedom
which can pass through me…
this will further entice you to ego me
senses will be served in delight spa
pampered to hilt and teased with robbing all

once you enter at your own risk know well
you will be free to leave for there is no door
to get in or get out ~ just breathe a wish
and all will be done…
that breath be so pure to reach yourself
without likes ~ dislikes…

reading this the bird took the breath in….
Forgot breathing out….still in the cage
at times shudders for the breath pure……
~ within it knows the Truth so bright….
in silence to dive to breathe it all out
to be Self ~ Vast and free….
by Knowing Self ~ Love Divine…

~~~ Part of ‘Flow’ through Manoj Juneja ~~~

Manoj shared this on Facebook…and I wanted to share it with you….

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