Entering a divine dimension

I know to write of this
is to walk
on sacred ground
and still
I feel compelled
to enter
a divine dimension
in this early morning hour

I know it is humanly
and may fall far short
of expressing
the true heart message
I wish to share
but a voice beyond my own
calls it forth

You alone can feel
your own heart
whether this song
of the soul
has meaning
for you or not

I could name
a thousand names
but they would not help
your heart
to open to feel
the streaming light
of the creative power
of divine love
pouring forth
within you

A light comes on
to guide
the way when
love comes near
to listen

Only you know
how it comes when
it happens

Others tell the story
of their journey
to the light
and none of us are here
to tell them
what not to feel

a unique fragrance
a whispering
to your senses

Love opens your eyes
to beauty
you might never have seen
without the gaze
of the divine
to light your way

Keep watch
and be faithful
to the vigil
of the creative light
of love
as it comes to you

It is the key
to the unity
of life
and the oneness
of both human and divine


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