Secrets of the sky

Took a walk today
and encountered the moon
still in the sky
with the sun

she seemed to be having fun
lingering near
the source
of the light of day

a quiet moon
transparent and still
yielding the glory
to a sizzling solar flare
melting the story
of sundials
and tv shows

tossing its curling rays
like hair in the wind
calling us
to come outside
and play a while

a smile spread across
the face of the moon
now barely seen
behind the dazzling mane
of the sun
the very one
who lights
up her eyes at night

a stolen moment
with the monarch of the sky
a blink and a wink
as the lunar eye
whispered goodbye
and vanished from sight

until the bewitching hour
when she would flower
in the warming rays
from the simmering heat
of his distant fire

she left the king to reign
over the sky
as the queen quietly
found her place
behind a cloud

stirring the tides
to brew
the wine of love
for the fleeting moment
of their nightly

when that midnight gaze
would clear the haze
and light her face
with royal grace
that sets the world aglow

4 Responses to “Secrets of the sky”

  1. Mary Gunderson Says:

    Your poetry is beyond! I find it very inspiring 🙂
    I am a composer and songwriter… With your permission, I would love to use your poetry to put music to. You can check out my music at


    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      Thank you for your comments. It is always good to know something as important as what matters to my own heart…connects with someone else. Feel free to use some of them to music. I call them the songs of my heart.
      I only ask that they keep on sharing….and flow as freely as I wrote them. Blessings to you. Send me a link to hear one if you do. 🙂


  2. Mary Gunderson Says:

    For sure I will send you the songs as they come! Thank you for the connection, I look forward to reading more of the songs of your heart 🙂

  3. Naomi F Stone Says:

    I am listening to your music on the sound cloud connection that you sent to me. Beautiful!

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