Seeds of Love

Particles of the invisible
carried on the wind
infused with potential
to become
infinity flowers
spring showers

grains that flourish
and yield
a golden field

peering into the sea of light
we search for love
seeking a mountain peak
to reach
and try
to touch the sky
with a lover’s gaze
that clears the haze
and casts a light
igniting the night
with lengthening rays
that raise our vision
a cosmic collision
with gentle
of invisible flight
like a rising
wave of revelation

yet there are wings
so delicate and sheer
as not to be seen
lifting us mysteriously
into freedom
to soar within
while riding the currents
of breath and air
us into the warmth
of majestic arms

a thousand voices will tell you
a thousand different stories
some witnessing to fire
and stinging thoughts
still clinging
to them
like thistles

some will guilt and blame you
for falling into shame

and some will claim
to be elected to the chosen few
the chosen ones who know
what is really true

but your truth has been hidden
in your heart
long ago
and only love
will create the flow
that illuminates
the glow of truth

the beauty of the kingdom
of the Beloved
that will open every door
may well come
through the homeless
and the poor
for the destitute
sometimes find clarity
through a charity
that flows in the soul

making us uneasy
with having so much

joy comes softly
in the glow of morning
a remembrance
of the glory of love
a thrilling story
that writes itself upon
our hearts

the garden of eden
our paradise
thrives in a secret place
beyond beautiful eyes
secretly planted
and granted in the long ago

we evolve into beings
of light
formed from seeds
of belovedness

find that secret place
within you
and the grace of love
will appear
in your own
dearest heart

the pulsing beat
whispers of the wonders
yet to come

Naomi F Stone
(On facebook as Naomi Stone, living in the heartland)

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