We live in the light of great love

When love draws near
to our longing hearts
it is the spirit that touches us…
that permeates our being…

there is nowhere
the light of the Spirit
can not go….
in love….
with love…..
we mingle with Spirit
in a way
that cannot be separated…
or restrained…

There is great peace
in this awareness
given through the mystery
of the alchemy
of great and powerful love…

we love…
we are love
my dear friends…
because we open our hearts
and love makes us so…

Receive the Love
for the gold
is in the Light
within us….
this is the treasure
that we are blessed to feel……
to be and to live

the light of the sun
and the moon
the stars
and the light in our eyes
shine with the Light
that moves and spirals
through us eternally….

it is alive
with Divine Belovedness…
that is both human
and divine
in our incarnation
in this ever moving spirit
stirring within
with great creative power
and incredible gentleness

through presence
with infinite tenderness
we are transformed by this
and changed
into love

2 Responses to “We live in the light of great love”

  1. Subrata Ray Says:

    Love is the divine alchemy of life . It takes root in human heart , and the abstract tree with Faith and Feelings grows .

  2. Orna Ben-Shoshan Says:

    Beautiful, charming, uplifting!!
    Have a great 2012 !

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