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Song of Silence rising from my heart

January 31, 2012

settled into sweet silence
I was nudged to come
and share the love
that sustains me
and breathes
the lightness of life
through me

the streaming beauty
that gives my spirit wings

the peace
that fills my soul

the wonder of creation
I am so blessed
to behold

the song of silence rises
from my heart
and sings to you
as I reflect
the rays of light
shining out
from your sacred being

the mystical depth
of love
is so much more
than we can imagine

we take in only
by moment
by breath
a grateful sigh

listen to the deep silence
where not a sound
is heard
and feel the Presence
within the peace

so little we truly know
of the divine
except to feel
how deeply
the love touches
the wholeness of our being

connecting us
with each other
to make us friends

Poems by Naomi Stone

holy love

January 29, 2012

I awaken early
and listen to the silence
the sweet silence
that veils the presence
of a great
and wonderful love

My heart expands
like the universe
as the light
in the hidden places
and clearing the way
for the passage
of love

May every portal be open
to welcome
the developing
of the kingdom within

May we each know
the beauty
and the life giving
that transforms
our lives

Infinite ways to describe
this showering light
of grace
and yet all the words
ever spoken
or written in the world
could never touch
the wondrous
gift of the moments
of oneness
that are ours

Pure love is elusive
and eloquent
in its very nature
and visits our silences
in ways the world
cannot capture and contain
and control

We learn to open and receive
this precious
and feel the circle
of life
flowing through
our hearts and souls

Pure love flows freely
anointing us
with treasures beyond
our knowing
awakening grace
our lives with holy love

Music from the sea of silence

January 29, 2012

hear the music of silence
and the distant sound
of peace
that lingers
in my soul

love softly sings
the songs
through living springs
that flow
in the night

wherever i roam
my heart follows
the songs
to find
my way home

A heart overflowing

January 26, 2012

Grateful for this moment of life
for one more awakening
one more night
of the moon
for the pulsing stars
for one more day of sunlight

Grateful for this earth
where we live
and all who dwell
together here

for the beauty
of creation

In awe of the intricacies
and wonder
of this universe
and our created lives

thankful for
the mystery of grace
for kindness
humor and joy

for gentleness
and divine generosity

humbled by the gift
of love
that enriches
this life

Touched by Grace

January 25, 2012

To sing of the light
is a flow that brings
the singer to life

To reach for ways
to share the beauty of love
is to expand the soul

To open the sacred gift
of silence to share its wonder
is the cup overflowing

To feel and see and hear
the love songs of friends
is to join a chorus of pure joy

May every life awaken
to the gaze of beholding
and the glory of pure Love

To be surrounded by the Presence
of divine Belovedness
is to be touched by Grace

Morning Light

January 24, 2012

Every time I awaken
to the wonder of the dawn
and the first light
of morning
I arise in solitude
in sweet silence
feeling the call
of Love
streaming in a flow
to all

My heart
is filled
with overwhelming joy
to feel the passage
of such divine
of this blessed earth
and the beauty
that is ours

May we feel the pulsing
rhythm of life
and creation
within our hearts
and know the chain
of existence
that celebrates
our being
in the Beloved

Let thy Love lift us
into thy
expanding arms

O dance and spin us
into the Light
of your uplifting
life and grace

Help us feel
the gift
to know that
we are already yours

Palace of dreams

January 22, 2012

The palace of dreams
is the sanctuary of intimacy

my heart says
it is time for love
and no one can correct my heart
not anyone at all

the sun is laughing
showering us with light
dripping sparks of golden wine
the night is calling
and beauty is
falling gently upon the earth

the moon is high in the skies
reflecting the light
from our eyes

my bare feet
are standing on spinning ground
cool and tender
is the grass tickling my toes

it is the earth
turning round and round
for i am not lost

i am found in the sound
of a nightbird’s song

come along
for it is a night to sing
of love

leaning against a lantern light
i may sing all night
for there is no law
forbidding joy
within this heart of mine

prime the canvas
with the finest wine
and i will sing of what i see
the sweet scent of lilacs
has set me free

A personal peace

January 20, 2012

My heart dwells
within a large expanse
of night sky
and the beauty
it displays
so generously
to all

I feel the approaching dawn
when the light plays
among the drifting clouds
and your faces
appear to me
one by one
within the images
of the lives
you call your own

I feel such awe
and gratitude
for all we have been
privileged to share
for the moments
that mean so much
to our hearts

I feel the prayers
of those
who are longing still

I am truly grateful
for this peace
and sense
when it is time
to be still
and feel the blessings

I feel the beauty
of an infinite morning
for the soul
a quiet shelter for the heart
and sweet remembrance
of the flow of grace
bringing this gift
of personal peace

So blessed by thee
are we
so endlessly

Beneath the Wave of Love

January 18, 2012

Beneath the wave
a powerful current flows
silent and unseen

sometimes the wave carries
the beauty
toward the sun
lifting everyone
as words and images
and voices tumble
and turn
in the glory of light

the wave rises and falls
and dances
with the wind
pushing and pulling
with the tides

giving glorious rides
on the sweeping
plunging into silence
in the fall
where only the soul

no faces left
to meet the faces
peering through
the churning waters
and the foam

beneath the wave
is home

fractured light
colors of life upon
the windows
of the wave

yet remnants of thee
are all i see

settles softly
and sweetly
beneath the waves
of the sea

O sweet remembrance

January 16, 2012

From deep in the night
love comes
rising in a remembrance
of sweetness
and disorienting
drowning all fixed ideas
and carrying away
the life rafts
to which we might still
be clinging

We dimly remember asking
for this
realizing we didn’t know
what our own prayers implied
when we cried
and sighed
turning toward love
to guide our way

The beauty of light
clings to the streaming rays
of day and night
enchanting us
with a vision that plays
away our trying to make sense
out of the joy of innocence

The more we surrender
the less we know
and the less we know
the lighter and brighter
we become

The smudge pots
of our so-called wisdom
were never our own

Thankful to be grateful
for what might never be known
whatever we call
the unreachable star
the distance is far
from our human reach

What has flown away
may be what saves us
for when we play
we touch the impossible dream
and make it seem
ever more real
to feel
an invisible way

Funny how happiness
comes to bless us
when we’ve given up
did we ever consider
that we might
our worth
in helplessness