Come home to me

O sweet Love

journey with me
inch along the rim
of my heart
until your tenderness
softens the scars and wounds

draw back the veil
and let the beauty of love
open the portal
guiding you to enter
and penetrate
these walls
of the sacred sanctuary
where I wait for thee
to set me free

find the secret
that unlocks my heart
and steal the key
tear away the thorns
covering the walls

venture inside the layers
of rose petals
that surround
the enchanting fragrance
hidden deep inside

come near
when the moon is high
and vision
is clear and true
so I will know it is you

there are so many pretenders
destroyers of innocence
who ply the senses
and imitate love

O Beloved One
this heart has saved
its finest wine
for the light
of your arrival

Let your mystic heart
whisper the secrets to me
and when you come
sing the song
I long to hear

O… dearest love….
you are the bringer of dawn
the colors
of the morning sky
the mystery
that bids me fly

Open the wings of beauty
with your love
and guide us home
to the Soul
with room enough
for all who yearn for you

I long to soothe
that sacred brow
sheltered in the gaze
neath those precious lashes
wet with tears of Joy
blessing our union

You know I will wait for thee
while you create
and then
O Beloved One
come home to me
and rest
next to my heart

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