O sweet remembrance

From deep in the night
love comes
rising in a remembrance
of sweetness
and disorienting
drowning all fixed ideas
and carrying away
the life rafts
to which we might still
be clinging

We dimly remember asking
for this
realizing we didn’t know
what our own prayers implied
when we cried
and sighed
turning toward love
to guide our way

The beauty of light
clings to the streaming rays
of day and night
enchanting us
with a vision that plays
away our trying to make sense
out of the joy of innocence

The more we surrender
the less we know
and the less we know
the lighter and brighter
we become

The smudge pots
of our so-called wisdom
were never our own

Thankful to be grateful
for what might never be known
whatever we call
the unreachable star
the distance is far
from our human reach

What has flown away
may be what saves us
for when we play
we touch the impossible dream
and make it seem
ever more real
to feel
an invisible way

Funny how happiness
comes to bless us
when we’ve given up
did we ever consider
that we might
our worth
in helplessness

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