Beneath the Wave of Love

Beneath the wave
a powerful current flows
silent and unseen

sometimes the wave carries
the beauty
toward the sun
lifting everyone
as words and images
and voices tumble
and turn
in the glory of light

the wave rises and falls
and dances
with the wind
pushing and pulling
with the tides

giving glorious rides
on the sweeping
plunging into silence
in the fall
where only the soul

no faces left
to meet the faces
peering through
the churning waters
and the foam

beneath the wave
is home

fractured light
colors of life upon
the windows
of the wave

yet remnants of thee
are all i see

settles softly
and sweetly
beneath the waves
of the sea

One Response to “Beneath the Wave of Love”

  1. needybad4u Says:

    Magnificent. Beautifully written with such powerful emotional strength.

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