A personal peace

My heart dwells
within a large expanse
of night sky
and the beauty
it displays
so generously
to all

I feel the approaching dawn
when the light plays
among the drifting clouds
and your faces
appear to me
one by one
within the images
of the lives
you call your own

I feel such awe
and gratitude
for all we have been
privileged to share
for the moments
that mean so much
to our hearts

I feel the prayers
of those
who are longing still

I am truly grateful
for this peace
and sense
when it is time
to be still
and feel the blessings

I feel the beauty
of an infinite morning
for the soul
a quiet shelter for the heart
and sweet remembrance
of the flow of grace
bringing this gift
of personal peace

So blessed by thee
are we
so endlessly

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