Morning Light

Every time I awaken
to the wonder of the dawn
and the first light
of morning
I arise in solitude
in sweet silence
feeling the call
of Love
streaming in a flow
to all

My heart
is filled
with overwhelming joy
to feel the passage
of such divine
of this blessed earth
and the beauty
that is ours

May we feel the pulsing
rhythm of life
and creation
within our hearts
and know the chain
of existence
that celebrates
our being
in the Beloved

Let thy Love lift us
into thy
expanding arms

O dance and spin us
into the Light
of your uplifting
life and grace

Help us feel
the gift
to know that
we are already yours

2 Responses to “Morning Light”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    he gift so precious desire to own….
    for then be into the melting flow
    in warmth of love very yours…. ♥♥♥

    • Naomi F Stone Says:

      We sing of what gives our life meaning…
      and sometimes we grow used to the aloneness of the vigil…
      so it is a treasure to welcome you here…
      to feel you share it…

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