Touched by Grace

To sing of the light
is a flow that brings
the singer to life

To reach for ways
to share the beauty of love
is to expand the soul

To open the sacred gift
of silence to share its wonder
is the cup overflowing

To feel and see and hear
the love songs of friends
is to join a chorus of pure joy

May every life awaken
to the gaze of beholding
and the glory of pure Love

To be surrounded by the Presence
of divine Belovedness
is to be touched by Grace

3 Responses to “Touched by Grace”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    heart as one sings along
    vibes so strong and jubilant
    rise through caverns and depths
    from the flicker of light to flaming Glow of Grace….
    such divine song sung today
    to be drenched in Grace….

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    the heart of a poet
    touches my own
    as a rich silence
    spreads throughout
    the garden….

  3. Shernaz Says:


    Guiding angels, Beings of Light
    Gently fanning flames of love
    With enlightened words inspiring
    Lilting lyrics from your hearts flow
    What redeeming Grace in your songs
    With sweet solace our days they fill
    Oh. Radiant spirits doubly blessed
    You kindle souls with joy divine

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