holy love

I awaken early
and listen to the silence
the sweet silence
that veils the presence
of a great
and wonderful love

My heart expands
like the universe
as the light
in the hidden places
and clearing the way
for the passage
of love

May every portal be open
to welcome
the developing
of the kingdom within

May we each know
the beauty
and the life giving
that transforms
our lives

Infinite ways to describe
this showering light
of grace
and yet all the words
ever spoken
or written in the world
could never touch
the wondrous
gift of the moments
of oneness
that are ours

Pure love is elusive
and eloquent
in its very nature
and visits our silences
in ways the world
cannot capture and contain
and control

We learn to open and receive
this precious
and feel the circle
of life
flowing through
our hearts and souls

Pure love flows freely
anointing us
with treasures beyond
our knowing
awakening grace
our lives with holy love

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