Song of Silence rising from my heart

settled into sweet silence
I was nudged to come
and share the love
that sustains me
and breathes
the lightness of life
through me

the streaming beauty
that gives my spirit wings

the peace
that fills my soul

the wonder of creation
I am so blessed
to behold

the song of silence rises
from my heart
and sings to you
as I reflect
the rays of light
shining out
from your sacred being

the mystical depth
of love
is so much more
than we can imagine

we take in only
by moment
by breath
a grateful sigh

listen to the deep silence
where not a sound
is heard
and feel the Presence
within the peace

so little we truly know
of the divine
except to feel
how deeply
the love touches
the wholeness of our being

connecting us
with each other
to make us friends

Poems by Naomi Stone

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