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glorious flow of the beloved

February 28, 2012

When I first laid eyes
on this image
I felt my heart spread
its wings
and knew the song within
my heart
has always
been for the beloved…

Whatever you call
the power
with which you align
your life
may it have the color
and beauty
of the inner music
that you hear
in the deep silence
of your longings…

Only the Beloved
who created
each one of us
knows those whispered

to the sweetness
of the loving flow
that gives you life
and then sing
the song
that shares it
to the dawn
of your becoming..

We are the Mystery

February 23, 2012

Silence surrounds
real presence
and enfolds
the being
in a moment of meeting
of sacred encounter

Flow of sweetness
of the greatest
love in all the world
will flow
in its own containment
as long
as words exist
and minds pursue
the secrets
that belong to no one

Something breaks free
and slips
through a portal
that enters
the elusive mystery
given a billion names

Each particle
of a greater whole
seeks its belonging
in a wholeness
that calls for surrender
to existence
that can not be taught
or named or given

No matter what we name it
or how we describe
what we seek
we are surrounded
by clouds
of unknowing that sweeps
us into a veil
of mist

I fell into enchantment
when I yielded
to what was unlimited
and unreachable

There is believing
and faith
and inspiring
doctrine and gospel
and the alchemy
of the uncreated

There is no enchantment
or longing
that can touch
the unknown
which only the heart
can feel

If a tiny circle
of certainty
is where we want to stay
and live
we can choose it
for endless lifetimes

Alone we enter
the garden
and meet the unknown
that dwells
in the kingdom
of the mystic

The end of belief
may be the
of life that only reveals
its beauty
when we yield
to an expanding

As I lose my identity
I call my self
a mystic
and trust the unknown
more than the countless
of certainty

Secrets begin meeting
me everywhere
and belovedness
to pervade
my silences

What does it mean
to be a disciple
of freedom

Only your heart
can open
the unmarked doors
and your disappearance
into mystery

There are no answers
that anyone
can give you
to create
your own life

Who are you
and how do you
want to live

This is the moment
of meeting

the sweetest flowers
that will
ever grow are
in your heart
waiting to meet you there

Arising of the Light

February 21, 2012

I am blessed to feel peace
in the midst
of gathering crowds
and to feel
what is true and light
and dear to my heart
in communion
with all hearts

I thrive
in the hallowed silence
and the sharing
of a peaceful heart
not all at once
in the sound
of endless voices
but in the oneness
and the Allness
of a Heart
that is true to itself
and tenderly allows
it to shine
with the light
of great love
in rich silence

eyes of awareness
smiles of joy
emanations of eternal wonder
invisible wings
of loving watchfulness
gently soar with me
in the movement
of the moments of my life
sweet awakening
in the grace
of the dancing light
of love


blossoming of creative fire

February 18, 2012

There is a mysterious gift
of divine life
hidden in the heart
that can only be given
by the Beloved

No one else can ever truly know
what the Creator gives to the lover
who risks everything
to enter the holy ground
of the source of all life

The intimate sharing that flows
from heart to heart
in the chain of life
anointed and protected by divine law
that issues from a
centering flow
of a river of fire
only the Creator knows
how to ignite.

Flames arise from the purity
of divine touch
that does not burn
or destroy
but leaps from longing
to create a stream
of a beauty of infinite
and unknown beginnings

Whoever would dare approach
the Kingdom of love
without the divine call
that summons one to enter
such a heart
would be tested
by divine fire
and asked to reveal
the secret name
given by the beloved.

Heart to heart and soul to soul
two flames become one
in the revealed name
of a dancing flame
that has no opposing energy
only a uniting freedom
that comes
through divine decree
that only the Beloved
can give.

When the portal opens
a silence falls over the garden
as the light of the Beloved
takes on an unseen bride
to dwell inside
the garden walls
of the heart
and the way is prepared
by one who dared
to dream an impossible dream
which only divine love
can make real enough
to truly feel.


Magnificent beauty is ours

February 16, 2012

Open to the magnificent
outpouring of beauty
flowing to us
surrounding us
and blessing us with
across the universe

Feel the greatest Love
in all the world
sweeping you into arms
that invisibly
embrace your very life

Song in the Night

February 15, 2012

Song in the Night

Pure love is the elegance
the essence
the fragrance of the flowing wine
of the
Love of the Beloved
the sweetest name of all
that is sacred
which opens our hearts and souls
to the love
of an eternal spring

There is no place or time
that love
can not fill with grace
no troubles we could imagine
that love
could not transform

The language of love
flows from the poetry of the heart
and it settles in the soul
to arise like the light of the morning sun
to shine each sovereign ray
that lights our way

All creation cries out
and we feel
the dancing sway
of love
and the music of the sweet song
of the soul

The silence that settles over
the inner life
in the middle of the night
is the perfect refuge
and the sweetest sanctuary
we have come
to feel and know

The sheltering love
that moves our lives from
moment to moment
is the kindness
of our most constant companion
and our dearest friend

Love takes our hands
and holds them gently
gazing into our eyes to softly affirm
the deep love
that is ours
to live and give
to receive and surrender
to trust
and remember
all the days of our lives

The light of love has blessed us
with vision and feeling
that returns our youth and Joy
in the flowing disguise
of the robe of night
and moonlight

Love is the river that flows like music
the winds that soothe
and caress
the fragrance and essence
of the
flowering of love
blessing our every moment

Life unfolds behind the veil
of transparency
and the lightness of being
where we create
and give birth
to the beauty of love

Let us pour out this new wine
dear friend
and know in our hearts
this exquisite grace
will never end

Freedom of Creative Fire

February 13, 2012

Freedom of Creative Fire

wake up..
we’re dreaming too hard..
it’s Prometheus unbound..
to the letter.

our hearts dispel all rumors
to the contrary.

let us know the master plan,
readying defenses for the true test.

what has love given us
to give back?

may we use our senses
if we’re having trouble,
re-doubling efforts.

let’s appreciate
what is crafted through the fire,
standing down
until the signal is given.

understand the elements,
eyes and language.

we go into the valley
for a shared cause

Mario AhKuoi

Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave it to mankind…
Guest poet inspired by the journey of capturing and creating what we have to give…
to share the secret of the fire of our hearts with humanity

Alchemy of Love

February 11, 2012

Alchemy of Love

The current flows and cycles
swirling and alive
wondrous in its visions
and revelations
coming to recognize
the touch of the Beloved
“the burning mystic of Creation”
weaves its way inside and out
of our
multi-dimensional being
in one moment
the dancing flames
and in the next
lowering the intensity
to an inner glow like
candle light
to rest and renew
in a peace that passes
all understanding

Perfect surrender
lifts the burden of needing
to know
and allows for flow
wherever it needs to go
trusting Love
to guide the way
of Creation’s Song
dancing along with a loving touch
that awakens hearts

Attraction draws what it needs
to blossom and flower
in the sacred hour
of Love’s exotic blooming
awakening the soul
to create

“The burning mystic of Creation”
knows your heart
and the subtle lightning rod
of your shepherd’s staff
as you gather
the flock
of those seeking
the beloved
within the self

Together the Love expands
and grows
as the way is formed
within you
to make way
for the current
of the radical grace
of the Beloved
to touch the human race


Sing the Silences flowing from your Heart

February 9, 2012

When the song of a tiny bird
breaks the silence
at dawn
I smile and welcome
the way it sings
of the approaching light

May my songs come
as a gentle infusion
in the chorus
with all who feel
the joy
of the breaking forth
of each moment
of new beginnings

Something is created
in the night
that gives birth at dawn
from the sacred womb
of my heart

I am in awe
of the silences
that somehow find
a flow
in the music
of my surrendered

I try to find words
to proclaim
and explain the beauty
that brings a being
to life
reflecting the light
of love

The clarity of the song
rings out
and the light grows
that spreads
my soul
across the sky

Words tumble into silence
like falling stars
and disappear
from the sky
in a stream of light

Words settle into darkness
like seeds
that will ignite
the flame
of new songs

Love cannot help its singing
or shining or smiling
for it simply
in a heart
that is born to sing

A flow of glowing light within

February 7, 2012

A numinous light glows within
when we enter
into the darkness
of the unknown
and unexplored areas
of the self

An awareness rises
like the sun
casting a glow
of a luminous love
that lights
the night

We call it a thousand names
a lighthouse
with an infinite beacon
the aura of the heart
the kingdom within
as it reveals
the presence
of the light of the spirit

A shimmering wondrous
soul harbors
a sea of light
that infuses the world
with colors and revelations
and creating in ways
we cannot explain

Emanations of beauty
of essence
filled with light
seas of gold
light bursting through
a dark night

Eyes that gaze through
our own
yielding a depth
of sight
visions of faith
by love

We reach and listen
and somehow
an unknowable
within our hearts

Yet the unreachable
and breathes
our lives
moment by moment
by moment

A fusion of heaven
and earth
a communion
of life and spirit
opens a portal
to reveal a new light
of befriending