Reflections that veil the heart

Thousands of images
veil the beauty
of the heart
the sacred center
of the breath
that flows beneath
the light of our being

A garden of light
dwells within
casting a glow
on an expansive sea
of heart and soul
where the music of life
writes its story
of a glorious love

We feel the movement
as divine breath dances
like the wind
through the portals
guiding us to a deeper
that opens out
into the beauty
of a sweet flow of freedom

There is no map to find
the kingdom
no secret formula
and no magic wand to wave
to take us there

There is a portal
that opens as we are
swept into the gentle breeze
of the breath of love
an alluring essence
into which we vanish
as we melt into
the transparency
of light

It happens in moments
of surrendering
when creation takes us in
as a child of its own
to remember our innocence
granting us life
that emerges beyond
the reflections that we see

Life comes rushing in
as a moment of truth
and we fall into the arms
of love
beyond everything
we think we know
and we are
in the flow
of a divine stream
that is home

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