How can I speak of you!

When I awaken
I feel I am emerging
from the deepest ocean
into the fresh air
of expression
of my throbbing heart

Something longs
to cry out of the silence
to sing
of the beauty
deep beneath the waves
of love
that move my life

I rain from the clouds
that gather
your life giving
to refresh
the world you create

I flow in the rivers
headed for the sea
to merge in your beauty
and feel
your rising water
surround me

I nestle in your arms
when I fall asleep
and trust you
to guide me
in my dreams of you

You are existence
and every heart
and soul
drawing us
into wholeness

I surrender into love
and feel the reach
of your gift
beyond our imagining
or knowing

It scatters me like
the stars

It flings me like seeds
in the winds
sharing the life
that flowers
in every garden

Life swirls infinitely
in forms
and in light
that splinters into colors
that dazzle my eyes
and delight
my heart

How can I speak of you
when my lips
are such a small
to paradise

I let my soul sing
and know it is your voice
that flows
through this life
and surrender
to your surprising
in thousands of ways

Love is my life
my breath
dancing sweet songs
that dissolve
in the wind

O my dearest love
my Beloved
you have filled my eyes
until my only seeing
is through your own

You are my dream
my reality
and my everything

Your mystery
pervades all that exists
and is ever drawing us
into the light
of your love

We will find our
only in you
my Beloved One

only in you

Verses by Naomi Stone
Painting by Rassouli
Gateway to Paradise

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