A flow of glowing light within

A numinous light glows within
when we enter
into the darkness
of the unknown
and unexplored areas
of the self

An awareness rises
like the sun
casting a glow
of a luminous love
that lights
the night

We call it a thousand names
a lighthouse
with an infinite beacon
the aura of the heart
the kingdom within
as it reveals
the presence
of the light of the spirit

A shimmering wondrous
soul harbors
a sea of light
that infuses the world
with colors and revelations
and creating in ways
we cannot explain

Emanations of beauty
of essence
filled with light
seas of gold
light bursting through
a dark night

Eyes that gaze through
our own
yielding a depth
of sight
visions of faith
by love

We reach and listen
and somehow
an unknowable
within our hearts

Yet the unreachable
and breathes
our lives
moment by moment
by moment

A fusion of heaven
and earth
a communion
of life and spirit
opens a portal
to reveal a new light
of befriending

One Response to “A flow of glowing light within”

  1. Melynnda* Says:

    Powerful, Thank you.

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