Sing the Silences flowing from your Heart

When the song of a tiny bird
breaks the silence
at dawn
I smile and welcome
the way it sings
of the approaching light

May my songs come
as a gentle infusion
in the chorus
with all who feel
the joy
of the breaking forth
of each moment
of new beginnings

Something is created
in the night
that gives birth at dawn
from the sacred womb
of my heart

I am in awe
of the silences
that somehow find
a flow
in the music
of my surrendered

I try to find words
to proclaim
and explain the beauty
that brings a being
to life
reflecting the light
of love

The clarity of the song
rings out
and the light grows
that spreads
my soul
across the sky

Words tumble into silence
like falling stars
and disappear
from the sky
in a stream of light

Words settle into darkness
like seeds
that will ignite
the flame
of new songs

Love cannot help its singing
or shining or smiling
for it simply
in a heart
that is born to sing

2 Responses to “Sing the Silences flowing from your Heart”

  1. Manoj Juneja Says:

    song sung of heart with seed of love sprouted
    into the universe seen~ known ~ felt ~ realised
    creating mystic music out of silence
    in soft gentle flow caressing , breezing fresh
    awakening awareness to sway like a feather in it….

  2. Naomi F Stone Says:

    You bring beauty to my song………thank you.

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