Alchemy of Love

Alchemy of Love

The current flows and cycles
swirling and alive
wondrous in its visions
and revelations
coming to recognize
the touch of the Beloved
“the burning mystic of Creation”
weaves its way inside and out
of our
multi-dimensional being
in one moment
the dancing flames
and in the next
lowering the intensity
to an inner glow like
candle light
to rest and renew
in a peace that passes
all understanding

Perfect surrender
lifts the burden of needing
to know
and allows for flow
wherever it needs to go
trusting Love
to guide the way
of Creation’s Song
dancing along with a loving touch
that awakens hearts

Attraction draws what it needs
to blossom and flower
in the sacred hour
of Love’s exotic blooming
awakening the soul
to create

“The burning mystic of Creation”
knows your heart
and the subtle lightning rod
of your shepherd’s staff
as you gather
the flock
of those seeking
the beloved
within the self

Together the Love expands
and grows
as the way is formed
within you
to make way
for the current
of the radical grace
of the Beloved
to touch the human race


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