Song in the Night

Song in the Night

Pure love is the elegance
the essence
the fragrance of the flowing wine
of the
Love of the Beloved
the sweetest name of all
that is sacred
which opens our hearts and souls
to the love
of an eternal spring

There is no place or time
that love
can not fill with grace
no troubles we could imagine
that love
could not transform

The language of love
flows from the poetry of the heart
and it settles in the soul
to arise like the light of the morning sun
to shine each sovereign ray
that lights our way

All creation cries out
and we feel
the dancing sway
of love
and the music of the sweet song
of the soul

The silence that settles over
the inner life
in the middle of the night
is the perfect refuge
and the sweetest sanctuary
we have come
to feel and know

The sheltering love
that moves our lives from
moment to moment
is the kindness
of our most constant companion
and our dearest friend

Love takes our hands
and holds them gently
gazing into our eyes to softly affirm
the deep love
that is ours
to live and give
to receive and surrender
to trust
and remember
all the days of our lives

The light of love has blessed us
with vision and feeling
that returns our youth and Joy
in the flowing disguise
of the robe of night
and moonlight

Love is the river that flows like music
the winds that soothe
and caress
the fragrance and essence
of the
flowering of love
blessing our every moment

Life unfolds behind the veil
of transparency
and the lightness of being
where we create
and give birth
to the beauty of love

Let us pour out this new wine
dear friend
and know in our hearts
this exquisite grace
will never end

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